Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Amber's Ramblings

Welcome to another Tuesday with me Amber Skyze! I've been having a rough two weeks. The day job is sucking the life out of me and one of my three dogs has been very sick. He's been hospitalized for the third time last night. They couldn't find a reason for this 100lb dog to be so sick. He's lost 10lbs (wish it were me), but's frustrating and devastating to watch our dog grow sicker every day. They've run a battery of tests on him and all come back negative.

Last night it seems that they may have found an obstruction after all. Mind you he's had x-rays and ultrasounds, coming up empty-handed. They're going to do one more ultrasound this morning to be certain. If he has something in there he'll be whisked off to surgery. Mind you we don't have pet insurance, but you can bet your sweet #$% we'll be getting it after this. I'm sure by the time this is all over our costs will top 6k. But for a 4 yr old lab I can't justify putting him down or letting him suffer any longer. Please forgive me for going on about my woes, but I felt it necessary to explain why my recent posts have been excerpts. I just didn't have the strength to do any serious writing. So now that I've gotten my woes off my chest I'll change the topic to writing.

The other day on my local chapters loop they started discussing what do writer's wear when writing? I'm sure everyone has heard the stories of writer's who are dressed in pj's all day long, wearing fuzzy pink slippers and even a boa if they want. I must confess it was always my fantasy too. Oh and I remember about 20 years ago thinking they were all drunks too! :) I'm glad to find out that most aren't alcoholics.

Back to writing attire. I found out that some NY and National Bestsellers in fact do write in their jammies. Flannel seems to be the pj's of choice and only in certain colors. I must admit I work from home so I too write in my jammies. I write at 4am so it's understandable. I'm not picky about what I wear as long as it isn't tight fitting. I don't like clothes that constrict. That was the one benefit I found from working from home. No more business suits or business attire.

So for all the writer's out there what do you wear when writing...


  1. Amber I'm so sorry to hear about your dog. I know what you're going through. I had a similar experience with my big dog three years ago. I hope all will be well. Be gentle with yourself and love your little friend all you can.
    XXOO Kat

  2. NO hose!
    No heels!
    No mascara!
    No bosses who have NO CLUE what they are doing...even when they SAY they need your advice.
    My fave attire to write in? Yoga pants. Bare feet. (Hey, I live in hot hot hot sw TEXAS!)
    The things I don't do well when writing? Remember to get up to walk a bit, stretch (down-dog), drink WATER!!!!!!
    My condolences on your sick puppy. I have a big one too and he recently started to have hip problems. He's on glucosamine and it does help. Here's hoping your puppy gets better soon.

  3. Amber, I'm so sorry about your dog's health problems. It's heartbreaking when our animal babies suffer. Hopefully he'll be feeling better soon.
    As for writing attire, comfy and no shoes are my preference.

  4. So sorry about your doggie. I hope they figure it out and he gets back to normal. Keep us posted.

    I wear whatever. Usually it's what I wore to hike in because I hike for an hour and twenty every morning. Or it's workout clothes because I get on the eliptical, then it's whatever depending upon what I'm doing. If I'm not in workout stuff, it's jeans. At night it's jammies and I sit in bed and write - my husband is too distracting when sporting events are on.

  5. Here I sit in my silk boxers and a cotton T-shirt. Bare feet. My classic work outfit.
    So sorry about your pup, dear. Have you considered that someone might have poisoned your pet?

  6. Thanks ladies! It turns out he ate my grand daughters pacifier. Damn dog will eat anything that's not nailed down. He had surgery and it was removed successfully. The surgeon called to let us know he's in recovery and doing well. I appreciate all the kind words.

  7. Glad surgery helped your dog! Yes, they'll eat anything!
    I wear "real" clothes when writing. If I wear nightgowns, etc., I tend to get too comfy and need a nap!

  8. Amber, I'm so happy to hear that your dog is safely out of surgery!

  9. Thanks Tessie. We're finally relaxing.

  10. My dog ate my lawnmower grass catcher, my lawn chair, three plastic trucks, two rolls of toilet paper, and (No...not a partridge in a pear tree!) the lid to my trash can. Once he got to be an adult (140 pound rottie)he realized that plastic was not a food group. LO)L! Glad your pup is getting better!


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