Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What do you expect from a Romance novel?

Katalina Leon

What do you expect from a juicy romance novel? Why did you buy it? Please don’t take the easy out and say you just wanted something to read or pass time with. You could have picked up a respectable newspaper or a mystery novel for that. There’s something special about a romance novel and you know it. At its best a Romance novel can mirror our unspoken, or unrealized desires back to us and that’s a very powerful thing. An Erotic Romance novel is a safe place to explore our shadows and our sexual selves.

If you’re an avid reader of erotic romance as I am. You most likely have certain expectations from the books you choose. Certain hopes that the secret naughty things you’re craving are hidden within the book you just bought and if they’re not you’ll be terribly disappointed. Perhaps you read a novel hoping to discover something new about your private self. Perhaps you hope a new fantasy or new desire will awaken. Perhaps you live vicariously through the heroine and learn from her experiences? Perhaps you long to have your fantasies confirmed and want to find out once and for all that yes, you’re normal! It's very reassuring to know there are others out there who also want alpha male shape shifters to obsess on their alluring qualities and be willing to fight to the death for mating rights. And doesn't every woman want a dashing pirate chief to whisk them away from their everyday life and force a myriad of erotic possibilities on them preferably while their wrists are tied to his bedposts? Maybe...

The fantasies don't even need to be extreme. They can be as simple and sweet as being loved for who we truly are. A good Romance novel can take you there.

Unlike real life asking for “Perfect love” in a Romance novel is perfectly acceptable. What forbidden pleasures do you most want to see in a romance novel?

XXOO Katalina Leon

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  1. Can't wait for this to release! Looking forward to reading it.

  2. Kat-
    I read and write erotic romance to explore situations that tantalize. We, the reader and writer, can be completely free to experience our darkest fantasies and desires within the genre. I have been pondering my forbidden pleasure I'd like to see in a romance novel, but am not comfortable to verbalize it - yet!

  3. This is a great topic. I read constantly - magazines, newspapers, novels, romance - but there's something addictive about romance, good romance, that is. Sometimes we want an HEA. We want to watch characters overcome obstacles and make a good life for themselves. There are so many depressing things in this world that sometimes you want to be left with an uplifting feeling - that life can be good and that things can get better. Sorry for the long-winded comment.

  4. I love reading all kinds of romance, but hot and sexy is my favorite! I know that readers also want a wonderful, breathless relationship in there, plus they want to be swept away. Gratuitous sex is great when you want only that. Most of our readers want hot sex and much, much more.

  5. What wonderful comments! Erotic-Romance is the perfect venue for those of us who aren't ready to verbalize our deliciously dark fantasies. Who needs to verbalize when we have ebooks!lol


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