Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tuesday - Amber's Ramblings

Hi and welcome to our new blog – Six Sexy Scribes. I’m Amber Skyze and I’ll be bringing you my ramblings every Tuesday. I must admit there are five other incredible authors you’ll get to know.

Now to introduce myself.

I write Contemporary Erotic. Most of my books have BDSM weaved into the story. I write for three publishers: Ellora’s Cave, Aspen Mountain Press and Noble Romance. Each publisher brings something unique to the table and I love working for each of them.

I didn’t start off writing erotica. Way back, when I was a stay at home mom, I devoured romances galore. One day I decided, “Hey, I can write just like these famous authors.” Boy was I wrong! I didn’t have a clue about sitting down and writing a full length novel. But I did it anyway.

I wrote one called Freedom’s Highway. It was a Danielle Steele type book and is still in a drawer somewhere collecting dust. My next attempt was a YA. That too is hanging with the dust bunnies.

Finally I wrote something shorter and sent it off to Modern Romances. Surprisingly, they bought it. For the next fourteen years I wrote for True Confessions and True Romance. But it wasn’t enough. I longed for something more. That’s when I discovered erotica. I scooped up every Ellora’s Cave book I could get my greedy little hands on.

Another light bulb went off. I can write this! And so the journey began. EC had themed submissions. I thought, “This is my way in.” I had three novellas I felt were perfect for them. I sent each off. Eight long months later I received my first rejection. Not offering much of a reason, but I still had two other hopefuls sitting on an editor’s desk.

The second rejection arrived a month later. Again, no real reason. Then, a more detailed rejection came. Well, I wouldn’t call it a rejection. It was more of a revision offer. So I revised the story and Splashing Good Time was contracted.

In between the second rejection and the revision letter came an offer for contract for Mistletoe Studs, from Aspen Mountain Press. This book was published 21 days after I received the contract. Fastest turnaround I’ve seen yet!

It’s hard to believe that December will mark my one year anniversary for my first contract. I’ve had five books release since signing that first contract and another due out in September. I’m riding the high of doing what I love best – writing.

My most recent release is Talk Dirty to Topaz from Aspen Mountain Press. You can check it out:

You can find all my releases and what I’m doing daily at:

Until next week…


  1. Hey Amber! Guess I better remember I'm on Friday! Your history is really unique! Most of us get rejected for years and years and years. You definitely found your niche.

  2. Amber, I love your "true confessions" and your true grit at pursuing what you love. Congratulations on your success!

  3. Great start, girl! Loved this blog today!


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