Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday is Funday at Sixy Sexy Scribes!

A dear friend was blogging about breasts yesterday on her new blog site, so I pulled out a few of these from photobucket.

I thought you should know what really BIG means. Stretchy fabric can only take so much abuse.

Never give your heroine ones this big. Your hero will bounce back out the door if she breathes deeply.

Now, my oldest son is a connoisseur of breasts. But when I showed him the left hand picture, he was stricken speechless. I think it was his wife's hands around his throat that make it hard for him to say anything. Just some odd "gurk" sounding nonsense. I got a good laugh out of the top center one, because I'm sure I lost a few jobs to that one.

Now, I would NOT recommend that any of these lovely ladies try jogging as a sport. Too dangerous.

Have a Fun Sunday!


  1. Oh, the pain of it! I can only imagine how uncomfortable those breasts would feel. Reminds me of the time my mom blew up this air mattress for me to sleep on and I lay down and bounced right off onto the floor. LOL!

  2. Wimpy stretchy fabric? That poor lady needs a bra made of Kevlar!lol
    XXOO Kat

  3. OMG! No thank you. I would go nuts trying to carry those around! lol


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