Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturday's Scribe here...

All of us have our dragons to fight...

But some of us write them into hot, fabulous stories. I've been thinking about a dragon shapeshifter, but the logistics just don't work. Now, big cats are another thing altogether, because even though they are big, and mean, and nasty, you can fit them in someone's SUV, into a bathroom, or into a closet. Try that with a dragon why don'tcha? They just don't fit.

Writing shapeshifter romance is marvelous. You can get your imagination running on high and let 'er rip. I had loads of fun writing Hallie's Cats. I dug deep into my wildest fantasies and found Gar and Cal. Hallie didn't mind, once she got used to the idea. In fact, she loved it!

When you write a hot shapeshifter, you have to think of an animal that dredges up fear, shivers, and goosebumps in humans. Now, you won't get that reaction with, say, a shapeshifter chipmunk. Or a shapeshifter Chihuahua. But two huge menacing leopards and a pack of werewolves will get the response necessary for a great erotic shapeshifter story.

Several of my dear friends have done dragons, and I applaud their fabulous stories. And maybe, sometime soon, I will try for a dragon shapeshifter, too. But I really, really like the big cats. And hot wolves. And hot vampires, too...but they aren't really shapeshifters, are they?

Why do we love a deliciously erotic, hot shapeshifter? Is it because animals don't lie? They don't mislead their partners? I have no idea why these marvelous hot guys who change into animals are so enticing. Oh, don't get me wrong...I adore writing hot, sexy m/f human only stories, too...but there's just something about the power and fantasy of shapeshifters. They capture the imagination. Anybody else feel the same way?

Fran Lee


  1. Fran- I think a big part of the appeal are the common threads that run through most shifter stories. Unshakeable loyalty to pack and mate, strong, animalistic desires and a certain vulnerablity due to their gifts.

  2. I am into shifter stories only if they are really well written - the fact that they are shifters has to make sense - the 'whys' of it - and it can't be just for the sake of hot, animal sex, altho I don't mind hot, animal sex. The characters in Hallie's Cats make sense. I've read some real stinkers where the author just wrote a shifter romance to write a shifter romance, you just jump on the bandwagon. I think dragon stories are great though, in any way, shape or form!

  3. I love shifter stories! I'm working on one right now. If the author grounds the story in human values and emotions a shifter story can be a very poignant read.
    XXOO Kat

  4. Would it be shallow to admit I adore reading shifter stories just because I think men who growl (or purr) are hot??? LOL. I have a hard time with dragon stories because I imagine how hard it would be to shift from something really large down to man size. If they breathe fire... I'd be afraid to kiss him. Teeth... I could get around in my imagination. LOL. I have read some really good books though that pulled it off. I think it's all about the story if it comes down to it.

  5. Thanks ladies! I agree, Tessie. I think that we admire the loyalty that shifters seem to be filled with. And although I do love hot, animal sex, I agree Julia, they have to have a plot that is believable. And if anyone can create a hot shifter, you can, Kat! LOL! Thanks for dropping over, Laurann! It's nice to see a new face, and you are welcome to tell your friends about our blog. We love visitors!

  6. Hey Fran, I love shifter stories, especially cats. They are majestic and beautiful to me. The variations in their color, their fierce nature - they are magnificent creatures. And when you add a little 'human' touch, they're sexy as hell! ((hugs))

  7. Hi Fran -- I have to agree with the other ladies about loyalty. There's nothing hotter than that fierce absolute love a shifter has for his mate. And of course the hot animal sex, LOL. My favorite shifters are wolves, but I really love them all.

  8. I guess it's the animal magnetism thing we feel deep down inside when we read a shapeshifter story. I can relate to something more human size and love the devotion to his mate a hero feels so strongly about.


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