Monday, August 17, 2009

Mondays Are For April!

Hi! I'm April Ash and so happy to be on this blog with five other "Sexy Scribes"! Our plan is to talk about writing and our books, topics of interest, and things that just pop into our heads!

This week, we'll be introducing ourselves to you, and I get to go first.

April Ash is a pen name I use for the erotic books I write for Ellora's Cave. I've written mainstream romance books for EC's Cerridwen imprint under the name of Marianne Stephens. After writing three Cerridwen books, I decided to write an erotic romance book...and sold it! April Ash came to life and now has two erotic romances published by Ellora's Cave.

"Strip Poker for Two", my first erotic romance, has strip poker games, a handsome Army captain, a contest involving men's boxers shorts, cannoli cream...and a tuba! To find out how these all come together for a romance, you'll have to read the story!

"Sexy Games", my newest erotic romance, involves my heroine and hunky hero donning costumes and role-playing test new adult games for the "Naughty Games Company".
Having a history together and lusting after each other definitely makes playing these games more interesting!

I've always been interested in writing. Reading romance books gave me a way to escape everyday life and enjoy HEA books similar to the "old" romance movies I loved to watch. I started reading Barbara Cartland books, went on to contemporary romances, and then ventured into other genres.

One day, I decided to sit down and WRITE a romance book...and it was awful! Actually got some agents to read it and received well-deserved rejections. But one agent gave me hope and the motivation to continue. She suggested I put DIALOGUE in the story...since I'd written most of it as a narrative fiction book! I had much to learn.

I found Romance Writer of America and through them a local chapter, Mid-America Romance Authors. Thanks to MARA workshops and critique groups, I've learned how to improve my writing skills.

So, here I am. Two pen names and two different types of romances. I have "voices" in my head...heroines and heroes...begging me to tell their stories. I'll continue to write romance stories as long as "they" keep talking to me!

Visit my websites at: or for more information about my books, blurbs, news, and excerpts.


  1. Good morning, April. Thanks for getting us started!

  2. Morning April! Glad you got us started. Have my copy of Sexy Games, now I need time to read it! :)

  3. Morning! Great blog! And keep those voices talking, girl! Your books are seriously hot!

  4. Hey April, wonderful story! Nice beginning from you and Fran.


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