Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It's Wednesday August 19. Look what the Kat dragged in.

It’s Wednesday. Look what the Kat dragged in!

Hello, My name is Katalina Leon. I’m a brand new author. I write for Ellora’s Cave. I’m so grateful to have a platform where I can express myself. I’ll be blogging at Six Sexy Scribes every Wednesday and I’m looking forward to meeting and hearing from you.

Before I was a writer, I was primarily a painter. The last several years I’ve truly enjoyed shifting gears and learning a new craft. The learning curve was steep and the challenges were many but the work was such a pleasure I just kept going. I cherish my writing time and look forward to the peaceful retreat it provides. My stories tend to be untraditional romances laced with BDSM thrills. I try to add a surprise every page or two.

I was drawn to this genre because Romance and Erotica have always been my favorite guilty pleasures. I love Science Fiction and the Paranormal also, so why not combine them all? For me, a really good Romance novel is better than chocolate, stolen kisses or new shoes. I could even go so far as saying a good Romance novel is better than kissing a new pair of stolen chocolate shoes…

My third ebook is a Quickie named “Adult Education.” This is a “Romantica” (Romantic-Erotica) story that plays on one of my favorite themes: that we all deserve a second chance to have our first choice of lovers. There’s lots of sensuous leather and playful kink too. “Adult Education” will be available through Ellora’s Cave Friday August 28.

I’m looking forward to hearing your comments and hearing about your favorite guilty pleasures.

XXOO Katalina Leon.


  1. Welcome to the blog, Kat! Great job! In case you folks don't already know it, Katalina Leon is on of Ellora's Caves hottest new authors!

  2. YAY Kat! I'm sure looking forward to Adult Education. Great blog.

  3. Good Morning, Kat. I love the theme for Adult Education!

  4. Thank you Ladies! I'm honored to be here.
    XXOO Kat

  5. A1- Hi Kat.. Kudos to you on the new adventure here! You go girl! I will be using A1 at the beginning of my comments to identify myself to you so you know who I am since I see another Anonymous on Fran's blog day today. Since I was the first Anonymous I guess it makes sense..;) Good luck to you and the all your creative endeavors!! And yes.. I am still hanging out in the lingerie since you agree! Besides it's mind 90's F or 34C ! XOXOXO

  6. Hey Kat, what a sweet post. Congrats on your new career! I paint also.

  7. Nice blog Kat! Hmmm...stolen chocolate shoes eh? Adult Education sounds great. Good luck with it!


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