Saturday, August 22, 2009

Introducing Myself...

Hi! My name is Fran Lee, and I will be blogging every Saturday!

I am thrilled to be here on this co-op blog with five super authors!

I am an author...that's what I do now that I have retired. I spent most of my working lifetime helping others, and I loved my job. Over my life, I have done many things, but nothing can compare with what I do now. I work my own wonderful people...and I write books that are as much fun to write as they are to read.

Yes, I write hot, sexy books. Yes, I insert humor and joy into every book I write. Yes, I have been told by readers as well as reviewers that they find my characters funny and hot. Quite a combo...funny and hot. I love to create books that bring enjoyment to my readers. And with the news lately, I think we all need a little laughter and excitement.

I have two books out now... Out of Her Dreams and Hallie's Cats. My next book, Dictated by Fate, is being released from Resplendence Publishing on August 25th, and I have a contest to win a FREE copy over on my website at:

I am also giving away tons of other great free stuff as secondary prizes! So come on over and check it out.

Fran Lee


  1. Fran,
    Humor and hotness are a perfect combination!

  2. And we love you Fran! I agree humor and hotness is always the best combo!

  3. I think funny and hot sums it up well! Your sense of humor does come through in your books!

  4. Fran, is a star on the rise. Not only do her readers get a good story they get a warm emotional experience and a laugh too! You can't beat that. I can't wait to read "Dictated by Fate."

  5. Thanks, ladies! You are all so sweet to this old fart! :)

  6. Yep. I'm all for funny and hot. My two favorite things.


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