Friday, August 28, 2009

Forever Young

A Legend in His Own Time

Do you listen to music when you write? Sometimes I do, sometimes I can't - music can be distracting. I find myself too busy singing along to write. But some songs just have to be sung to. They demand singing.

Music has to power to move us in so many directions. Lovers through
the ages have resorted to music and song to express feelings that are difficult to otherwise put into words. Political movements use music to inspire. Music, drum beats, chanting, psalms - which are poems - are the backbone of religions around the world. In several of my books, the characters refer to modern singer/songwriters. A couple of my characters even sing - in My Everything, my heroine Grace Rafael is partial to Barry White. In my new work, Beauty and the Feast, coming with Resplendence in February, 2010, Eva Raines, personal chef par exellence, likes Bonnie Raitt and Lowell George.

Pepsi clearly appreciates and understands the power of music. They've borrowed from the iconic Bob Dylan. His songs are sheer genius and I am particularly fond of Pepsi's shortened version of Forever Young. The song exemplifies my generation in so many ways and it expresses my philosophy about life probably better than I ever could in my own words. Enjoy!


  1. I listen to music when I'm developing a story. I put on my headphones, shut out the world and work out the details.

  2. I listen to music all day, but when I'm writing I find silence works better for me. I'm easily distracted by good songs - which are always on when I'm writing! lol

  3. I love music but I need mental silence to hear the internal dialogue. If I play songs with good lyrics, my writing turns into dictation! I do make an exception for moody instrumental soundtracks-they give me a boost with the emotional heavy lifting.
    XXOO Kat
    PS Bob Dylan still sounds great check out his new album.

  4. Bob Dylan certainly has stayed forever young. He looks like a teenager in the video.

  5. I cannot write while listening to music. I can listen to music THEN write, but not the other way around. My brain splinters into ten different thought patters and I lose track of where I am, what I was just doing, or where I was going. LOL! Don't ever get old. Stay forever young.


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